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Make your customers feel “virtually there” with an immersive and interactive representation of your booth, shop, clinic, tent, or cart… anytime, anywhere.

Trusted by over 2000 companies so far

More Than a Website
Give Customers a World-Class Experience

Digitally transform your business with Booths2GO and generate year-round leads and revenue in the most elegant modality.

Generate leads year-round with a QR Code or dedicated URL to bring your business to life wherever you go.

Deliver a highly interactive experience to customers. Virtualize your physical business & marketing with a simple setup and minimal upkeep.

Display playable videos right in your virtual space. Show images, display viewable documents, and links to anywhere you like. Upload Product demos, infomercials,... and endless content ideas.

Capture leads & content accessed with real-time results of your views & interactions in a collective dashboard. Plus, easily export your data to CSV files.

The Next Generation of Digital Business Experiences

The show no longer ends on Friday, and your shop no longer closes at 5pm. Tailored for any company and delivered with a touch-friendly luxury feel.

Unlimited Shows And Consumers

Take your booth to unlimited shows, regardless of that show’s platform. Customize content per audience. Much lighter than bringing your physical booth everywhere.

Promote Your Brand & What You Sell

Promote products and services, share contacts, & have clients leave a message. Share across social media and emails, Enabling customers to follow you.

Prebuilt Models & Custom Options

Select a model, upload your assets, connect watchable and downloadable media, and... presto! Your booth is ready to share with the world. Always open!

Easy Access for Customers

Place your QR Code on your store window, car decal, or anywhere you like. Simply have customers scan your QR Code and your Booths2GO comes to life.

Generate Leads 24/7

Showcase your immersive booth or store to generate leads and revenue all day, even while you’re asleep. Increase access and always be open.

Unlimited Ideas and Integrations

From booths, shops, or clinics that are customized exactly like your business to deep API integrations with registration systems, CRM, we do it all.

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Generate new revenue streams for your events or malls

Get More With Expos2GO

Get a revenue generating, touchscreen friendly platform with a luxury, world-class feel. Give attendees a modern experience far beyond a website.

Bring your show to life with a year-round modality, including all your exhibitors.

With a variety of over 200+ pre-built models, have all your exhibitors self-manage their own booths.

Offer online packages with or without the physical show. Plus, increase your tradeshow’s revenue with new advertising streams and sponsorships opportunities. Let us show you how!

Give your exhibitors individualized dashboards for them to see user views & interactions. Plus, get a collective dashboard for your whole virtual expo. Easily export your data to CSV files.

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Digitally transform your event with an embeddable platform containing ample room for all your exhibitors and key event information.
Buy in bulk to cover your main event or all your shows year-round.
(Minimum purchase of 10 required. Subscriptions are annual)

Loved by Thousands of Businesses Worldwide

Booths2GO is so simple that people can’t help but fall in love with it.
A powerful, year round revenue generating, digital representation of your business.

    • Booths2GO is an amazing technology for helping us generate leads, way beyond the length of any show we exhibit at. Attendees scan our QR code at our physical booth, and our exact booth is available to them 24/7.

      Lee-Ann G
    • We regularly hand out business cards at our sales tent every weekend at our local market. We sell very popular products, and we have quite a following. However, we are torn between selling and attending to the long lines of people that have questions. Now with Booths2GO, they just scan our QR code, and our sales tent appears in their phone, available all year, and they access all our FAQs, products and interact with us anytime. More customers - less time.

      Archer L
      Tranxcend, LLC
    • We exhibit at many tradeshows per year. Booths2GO compliments our physical presence and allows us to have multiple virtual booths that are tailored to the specific audience at a particular show. We can add more booths, edit them, add campaigns, conduct job fairs, and show product demos, all way beyond the end of the event.

      Wilson A
      United Healthcare
    • Our clients’ retail stores advertise on social media and via email campaigns. Booths2GO allows consumers to click those advertisements, and tthen are transported directly to an elegant 3D virtual store, with an immersive experience like no other. We also love the real-time analytics that show us info on leads and ROI on our marketing efforts.

      Norrie D
    • Generating revenue via the elegant, interactive Booths2GO platform is a joy. We love the amount of leads and product purchases we receive all year (way beyond what we received with our physical booths), without transporting our physical booths from city to city…exhausting and expensive.

      Myrna S
      PetZone 360
    • The best part about Booths2GO is customers literally come to our shop, scan a QR code and our shop travels with them no matter where they go. They can see our new products, leave us a message, make purchases, and feel like they were in our real shop!

      Robert Y

Frequently asked questions

We may have addressed your concern below. If you have further questions, contact Our working hours are 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. EST.

    • Can I use my 2GO booth in multiple tradeshows?

      Yes! Our goal is to satisfy all your needs with an all-in-one virtual solution.

    • Do I have to login to view?

      We offer easy social login solutions for your booth. We require you to login for the best-possible analytics results.

    • Can I customize a pre-built virtual booth?

      Yes! Our digital designers and developers are here to help and provide the best experience. Additional charges and contracting may apply.

    • Can I cancel my plan anytime?

      You can cancel, though full refund is not guaranteed. For questions, contact and review our return policy.

    • Can I update or change my plan?

      Yes! You can always update your plan within your dashboard and account settings.

    • I need a custom solution not listed above.

      We would love to hear your unique idea, contact so that we evaluate your project and provide a quote. Our team of experts can build to whatever you dream of!

    • Can multiple people manage one booth?

      Yes! We allow booth owners to add admins & chat agents for their virtual booth. Visit our help guide to learn more.

    • I am experiencing technical problems.

      Oh no! Sorry about that - please reach so that we can best assist. Our hours are 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. EST.

    • I lost my password, how do I get into my account?

      You can reset your password by clicking the “Forgot Password” at login. If you need further assistance, contact and we can assist in resetting our password.

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